Predicted Paths

Explainable Networks

Applying insights from the intersection of distributed systems and software engineering to network services

Services Offered

Strategic Advisory

Navigate network disaggregation by leveraging deep operational experience


Minimize solution risks before purchase and implementation

Systems Integration

Unify new solutions into existing infrastructure with confidence

Vendor Management

Maximize engineering resources and lower resolution times

Research & Development

Faster GTM and product development with programmable dataplanes

Fields of Practice


Domain specific languages P4 and NPL

Validation & Verification

Automated reasoning, symbolic execution, static analysis


Aaron A. Glenn, Managing Director

Over 15 years focused on the NSP/CSP market segment in a variety of field, engineering, and management positions throughout the world.

Notable professional achievements include organizing and leading the optical networking team at SOMCABLE; which built the first terrestrial fiber optic backbone, connecting Djibouti Haramous CLS to Hargeisa, Somaliland, in greater Somalia.

Aaron has and continues to give nuermous in-depth talks promoting the open source P4 language at premier network operator venues such as RIPE, DENOG (German Network Operators Group), and Packet Pushers


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